Help break the cycle. Every day thousands of young women in our community suffer from abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness. Support, from individuals like you, provides resources to help homeless young women, poverty-stricken young women, youth aging out of foster care, and young women escaping abuse, neglect or sex-trafficking break these cycles. Your tax-deductible donation to Our Friends Place, helps young women:

• Leave their high-risk environment and experience a safe, supportive home.
 Learn independent living skills that will help them rebuild their lives.
• Finish their education and become economically self-sufficient.
• Gain employment skills and experience that will help with future advancement.

Give with confidence! The need is great, and there are many ways to help. On behalf of the young women who call Our Friends Place home, thank you!

Planning your gift, whether through your estate, investments or workplace, can be a wonderful opportunity for you and Our Friends Place. The options below are not intended to be legal, tax or investment advice.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving allows you to extend your support to Our Friends Place beyond your lifetime with a living legacy. This includes bequests, charitable trusts, gift annuities, assets and more. Recognizing this can be a sensitive topic we are here to talk one-on-one and guide you through the process. If would like to include us, please email or call us (214.520.6268) so we can honor your support. 

Investment Giving

Many individuals consider donating appreciated stocks or mutual funds as a way to both give to Our Friends Place and gain considerable tax benefit. You can usually deduct the fair-market value of an appreciated long-term asset you have held longer than one year, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. You can sell your asset and donate the appreciation or transfer the asset directly to us. Please email or call us (214.520.6268) so we can help you choose the best option to provide the biggest deduction and donation.

Matching Programs

Matching gift programs are setup by companies that match your gift to eligible non-profits, like Our Friends Place. Some employers also match volunteer hours with a contribution. Double the impact of your dollar or time by asking about your company’s matching gift program. Contact your HR department to learn more.