“Before finding Our Friends Place, I bounced between endless foster homes, shelters and group homes. I felt angry no one wanted me and that I had been attacked my whole life. Our Friends Place was there when I needed someone. They gave me encouragement. They gave me hope. Now I live in my own apartment and work as a manager at TitleMax. I am even up for another promotion!”




“My family envisioned a life for me where I’d stay home, marry and care for my parents, husband and future kids. I craved a career of my own and independence. Our Friends Place sounded just what I needed to change my life. I learned how to save money when grocery shopping, how to express myself, how to job hunt, what to expect in an interview and what was workplace appropriate. Today I am the Office Manager at Top Golf Allen and continue setting goals and feeling confident I can achieve them.”



“As a teenager, I slept in cars, hotels, on friends’ couches or with strangers to avoid the dysfunction in my own home. I wanted something better, but didn’t have the confidence to think I could. People at Our Friends Place believed in me and gave me a chance. I started to believe in myself and earned my dental assistant certification while living at Our Friends Place. For nine years, I worked as a full-time dental assistant. Today, I am the proud mother of beautiful boy, work as a dental assistant part-time, and am a new teeth whitening business owner!”


“Growing up, I witnessed drugs, violence, prostitution and event death on a daily basis. I would go through dumpsters searching for food, clothes or anything I needed. I felt like I wasn’t worth anything and I had to accept my place in life. But Our Friends Place showed me I deserved love. They taught me to live a healthy life and helped me find myself. Now I am a high school graduate and am a successful, happy young women. I’ve worked at UT Southwestern for over five years and am now an assistant manager.”



“Before I turned 18, I lived in four states, attended too many elementary schools to count, eight middle schools and six high schools. I came to Our Friends Place homeless and almost a high school dropout. Today I am a University of North Texas graduate, am employed full-time at State Farm Company and am happily married. I would not have been able to graduate and accomplish all that I have without Our Friends Place.”


“At home, no one modeled good decisions, healthy relationships or holding a family together. I struggled in school, carried a blade to feel safe and developed a stealing problem. But when I found Our Friends Place, I felt safe, stopped stealing, gave up my blade, finished high school, and learned to take care of myself. Today, I am a Financial Aid Advisor and am the mother of twins. I want my twins to learn what I learned at Our Friends Place – life is full of ups and downs but to believe in who you are and what you can do.”