Our Transitional Living Center (TLC) program provides young women ages 18-24 with a supportive home and teaches the skills young women need to lead self-sufficient lives.

What our TLC program offers you:

1.    A supportive home. You share an apartment with two other young women. You will have your own bedroom and share a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

2.    A chance to increase your education, job skills and life skills.

To be eligible for our TLC program, you must:

·      Be a young woman between 18 and 24

·      Not be pregnant or parenting

·      Be able to pass a drug test

·      Be willing to enroll in an educational or vocational program and hold a job

To apply to our TLC program, you must:

1.    Call Our Friends Place office at 214.520.6268

2.    Complete a phone application

3.    Complete an in-person assessment

Once accepted into our TLC program, you must:

·      Attend an educational or vocational program

·      Search for and maintain a job

·      Attend weekly group sessions which include a cooking class and life skills training

·      Pay 25% of your earnings as rent and deposit 10% into a savings account

Please call 214.520.6268 or email with questions.